Tuesday, March 18 2008, 08:57 pm

Rainy Day that Wouldn't go Away


The rain didn't stop as the Mavericks fell short in a very big game against LA. I was about to turn off the game until they turned it around and came within one. The final seconds weren't the only news worth mentioning. Questionable officiating was prevalent throughout the game. Several uncalled fouls from body to body contact and slapped arms that resulted in turnovers didn't help the Mavericks either. With Boston next, I am positive looking forward to it as the Mavericks had a great comeback after being 25 points down. The most important games are to come, as the playoffs are just around the corner.

Still no Nokia N95 update! ARGH! Oh, and 6 core Intel CPUs in a few months. Who'd a thunk it?