Sunday, April 27 2008, 09:45 pm

The Dallas Mavericks Suck


Need I say more? There's nothing else to say. They are too old. Dirk hasn't recovered from his half dozen ankle injuries. Stackhouse couldn't shoot the ball if his life depended on it. Don't even get me started on the whole Kidd trade. As the Mavericks failed to win at home tonight, it just goes to show how fruitless this team has become. With a win, they could return to New Orleans with a sense of hope, now they are out of the playoffs. It's over.

The finger could be pointed in a few directions. Cuban, the head honcho, seems to be the head cause. He may have hit it big with, but he's pretty much fallen flat on decisions with technology and now with a basketball team. Now that this season is over, what's there to look ahead at? A whole new team. Keep Bass, Barea, and Dampier but that's about it. J Ho is too busy smoking weed to care anymore. Everyone else is too old, too tired, and they've lost their rhythm.

What about Avery? It seemed that he was making a few good matchups out on the floor with players, and was doing a better job of trying to produce some plays, but I feel Avery has a part of the overall blame and I wouldn't be unhappy if his position was filled by someone else. During the whole Kidd trade fiasco, he made some pretty bad decisions that cost a lot of games, and I haven't forgotten about that. I can only hope that the Mavericks can turn around and become a Finals team in only a short few years, but in the end it's just a game.