Sunday, May 11 2008, 08:36 pm

Web Design and You

I need to design and build two websites, and it isn't coming easy. It never does. The trick is to take a base set of colors and a logo, and mesh them into a striking design that will flow well with navigation and displaying content legibly.

First is a site that needs to be able to be updated easily. There are a few content managers out there, but I need to find one that works. Content managers are typically written in PHP, a high-level programming language that is used mainly on websites to provide dynamic content. It allows websites to interact with the person visiting it.

The second site requires a few static pages, but what makes it special is that it will need some blog pages for multiple users to post their travel adventures. I thought about using blogger to accomplish this, but I'm not sure it will work with multiple people. Feel free to follow up on my work at the first and second sites.