Tuesday, July 8 2008, 02:47 pm

Standardized Smanderdized, Tests are Obsolete

Being bored can make you think just about anything. With that in mind, I discovered a solution to one of my pet peeves: standardized testing. During my educational career I grew from straight A ace to meager B bum to a little C camper. Testing my academic knowledge through a series of set questions became redundent, but it's the only way, right? We've been reinforced with that idea ever since academics were around. I feel a need for change. Yes, there still needs to be a point of measure for knowledge, but the "how" is all that needs adjusting.

Evals, evaluations I should say, need to be introduced as a replacement. Their structure? Think of it more like an IQ test for a specific academic field. Of course, there will need to be a check against subjectivity, or political correctness, as we know it today. If testing was overhauled, I suspect the satisfaction level of all people of all ages would improve several times over. Heck, I may even go back and finish college. There, I finally finished this blog post.