Tuesday, September 30 2008, 05:37 am

Ancient Computers Recycled

Usually I have a piece of computer hardware that I must have, but usually I don't get it right away. I wait until it's marked down from MSRP. Sometimes that wait is five years long. In that case, I upgraded my main server from a 1.13ghz Tualatin to a 1.4ghz, which was the fastest made. This process required me to also upgrade the motherboard since all but a few supported anything beyond a 1.2ghz Tualatin. Why would I do this? First off, the entire upgrade cost me $40 without shipping. Secondly, I was always facinated by the Tualatin CPU line, as nerdy as that might sound. So after having to dust off my floppy drive in the closet (because I also had to upgrade the motherboard BIOS), I finally got the computer upgraded. Then I tried booting without a keyboard. While the Intel motherboard I had previously booted without a problem, this ASUS motherboard will not. "Keyboard error. Keyboard not found. Press F1 to continue." *sigh*