Sunday, November 23 2008, 04:38 am

Words Cannot Describe Such Incompetence

Whoever thought the zone defence was a good idea should be shot. Everyone that believes it in today should be shot. Football plays are decided in milliseconds not seconds. When a defender is in a zone, it takes him seconds to react and move in to a tackle. By the time they react, the offensive player is gone. In other times, multiple defenders are standing around helpless because they had to stay in their zone to defend the precious grass that no offensive player would ever enter.

I do not think I could even be sarcastic about how awful zone defence is. Any football team, college or pro, who continues to use zone defence as their strategy will never have my support. Sure, I may have never coached a football team, or even played a game, but one does not need such experience when it boils down to common sense.