Friday, November 6 2009, 03:44 am

Sports Check, 1, 2, 3, Check

Let's go over some sporting events and teams I watch, mk?

Dallas Cowboys
Possibly a terribly good season ahead. Romo set a new personal record with three consecutive games without an interception. Good job, ol' chap.

Texas Rangers
Another positively rough season is over. Pitching improved over the season but  faded with the batting towards the end of the season.

Dallas Stars
Good losses early in the season already. I don't really care any more. Retire already, Modano.

Dallas Mavericks
Old people throwing a ball around have yet another season to play. There's some nice rotations with the new players instead of the same ol', same ol' rotation, but there's no defence.

Formula 1
Decent season with interesting twists that was different then the previous year. Next season will be completely different as well. Maybe HD video feeds (if pigs fly) are coming soon. I would die a happy man after seeing a grand prix in HD.

College Football
Nuke the BS^H BCS. Favouritism helps no one. I'm looking at you USC.