Friday, September 9 2011, 05:20 pm

Put This In Your Pipe and Market It

Places of higher education teach ways in exploiting the ignorance of the common man. Who'd a thunk it? Read on, if you dare, to find out the results of the Humble Geek marketing contest.

Honorable Mention

Inserting advertising into TV reruns is a new fashion statement.

Second Place

Restricted to late night or weekend time slots, informercials provide marketing in 30 minute episodes. Cheap slogans are what make or break these gems. Who can forget "set it and forget it!"?

First Place

The pinnacle of marketing gimmicks must be the 30-second "As Seen on TV" advertisement. In under a minute you are bombarded with how your life is too hard and how you should spend $19.95 plus some shipping and handling for, not one, but two easy cut knives and a bonus cooking pamphlet. The First World has too many problems and we must be saved.