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Monday, March 17 2008, 08:52 pm

St. Pattys Day has Arriveth

Work flew by and with the threat of huge thunderstorms outside I'm indoors as I am every night. I was prepared to update my Nokia N95 up to the latest version of the operating system, but Nokia is delaying the update rollout for some unknown reason. Bah!! I am dying to have Flash 9 support in my web browser. This feels like the Flash 7 -> Flash 9 wait on Linux a few years back. Of course, the phone update is available via other means, but I am going to try and remain patient for the official update from the Nokia updater software.

How about those mavs? They easily beat the worst NBA team on Sunday, but they have the three toughest teams ahead. I have no idea if they will win; if they do I am sure they can head to the Finals with ease.


Australian F1 was a blast. Only 7 cars finished? The lowest ever I believe. Amazing race to start the 2008 season. BMW placed a strong second, and it was Heidfeld's second, second place!

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