Friday, July 18 2008, 04:08 pm

Texas Sports are Heating Up, Lame Metaphor, I Know

With the terrible start of the Texas Ranger's season, I had completely forgotten they existed. Then I happened to get wind of their miraculous turn around from a co-worker and decided to give them another chance. What's this? A Texas Ranger, Ian Kinsler, just happened to be on a long hitting streak. Something unusual for a Ranger.

Mavericks? Oh, the basketball team? Seems like things are shaking up. New coach and new, older teammates are not making me a happy camper. No chance of a playoff bout this coming year. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is too busy trying to buy the Chicago Cubs or Pittsburgh Steelers. Stick to one team Cuban.

Last but not least, the Cowboys are not down and out. They have the promising line up from last year with some minor changes done. Hopefully their thugs-turned-straight will remain level headed and will stick to football. It's about time we have a preseason game.