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Sunday, June 12 2011, 10:43 pm

The Time is Now

mavs-2011 A team that played team basketball has taken the 2011 NBA Championship. Congratulations are in order for the Dallas Mavericks as they put together a team of players that have tales of Finals lost but finally won their vindication tonight.

There is No "I" in Team

dirk-on-lebron The 2011 NBA season was littered with media attention that was concentrated on two or three players and not a NBA team. I have no doubt that the off-season will be littered with what two or three players need to do instead of what a team needs to do to return to the NBA finals in 2012.

What Will the Future Bring

Will Kidd retire? Will there be any changes on the Dallas line up? I don't think anyone has a return trip for the Mavericks in their mind right now, but I believe it is possible. The team that had everyone in the media against them did what no one thought they could do. Go Mavs! See you in a few months!

Tuesday, February 9 2010, 09:48 pm

Same Team, Same Game

I'm repeating myself here, but it is a new year after all. The Dallas Mavericks have proven to be very reliable at starting strong and finishing flat on their face. Their record is a mask to their ugly underside. Heck even the humble owner knows they suck - at least that's a step in the right direction.

Win one, lose one. If they can win against teams above .5 and lose against the lower .5 teams then they might make the playoffs. Dirk can barely play full games and the rest of the team cannot maintain any sense of consistancy. I hope a smart, talented, and young player replaces the late Hemp Howard. Maybe this year can be saved. Maybe.

Friday, July 18 2008, 04:08 pm

Texas Sports are Heating Up, Lame Metaphor, I Know

With the terrible start of the Texas Ranger's season, I had completely forgotten they existed. Then I happened to get wind of their miraculous turn around from a co-worker and decided to give them another chance. What's this? A Texas Ranger, Ian Kinsler, just happened to be on a long hitting streak. Something unusual for a Ranger.

Mavericks? Oh, the basketball team? Seems like things are shaking up. New coach and new, older teammates are not making me a happy camper. No chance of a playoff bout this coming year. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is too busy trying to buy the Chicago Cubs or Pittsburgh Steelers. Stick to one team Cuban.

Last but not least, the Cowboys are not down and out. They have the promising line up from last year with some minor changes done. Hopefully their thugs-turned-straight will remain level headed and will stick to football. It's about time we have a preseason game.

Sunday, April 27 2008, 09:45 pm

The Dallas Mavericks Suck


Need I say more? There's nothing else to say. They are too old. Dirk hasn't recovered from his half dozen ankle injuries. Stackhouse couldn't shoot the ball if his life depended on it. Don't even get me started on the whole Kidd trade. As the Mavericks failed to win at home tonight, it just goes to show how fruitless this team has become. With a win, they could return to New Orleans with a sense of hope, now they are out of the playoffs. It's over.

The finger could be pointed in a few directions. Cuban, the head honcho, seems to be the head cause. He may have hit it big with Broadcast.com, but he's pretty much fallen flat on decisions with technology and now with a basketball team. Now that this season is over, what's there to look ahead at? A whole new team. Keep Bass, Barea, and Dampier but that's about it. J Ho is too busy smoking weed to care anymore. Everyone else is too old, too tired, and they've lost their rhythm.

What about Avery? It seemed that he was making a few good matchups out on the floor with players, and was doing a better job of trying to produce some plays, but I feel Avery has a part of the overall blame and I wouldn't be unhappy if his position was filled by someone else. During the whole Kidd trade fiasco, he made some pretty bad decisions that cost a lot of games, and I haven't forgotten about that. I can only hope that the Mavericks can turn around and become a Finals team in only a short few years, but in the end it's just a game.

Tuesday, March 18 2008, 08:57 pm

Rainy Day that Wouldn't go Away


The rain didn't stop as the Mavericks fell short in a very big game against LA. I was about to turn off the game until they turned it around and came within one. The final seconds weren't the only news worth mentioning. Questionable officiating was prevalent throughout the game. Several uncalled fouls from body to body contact and slapped arms that resulted in turnovers didn't help the Mavericks either. With Boston next, I am positive looking forward to it as the Mavericks had a great comeback after being 25 points down. The most important games are to come, as the playoffs are just around the corner.

Still no Nokia N95 update! ARGH! Oh, and 6 core Intel CPUs in a few months. Who'd a thunk it?

Monday, March 17 2008, 08:52 pm

St. Pattys Day has Arriveth

Work flew by and with the threat of huge thunderstorms outside I'm indoors as I am every night. I was prepared to update my Nokia N95 up to the latest version of the operating system, but Nokia is delaying the update rollout for some unknown reason. Bah!! I am dying to have Flash 9 support in my web browser. This feels like the Flash 7 -> Flash 9 wait on Linux a few years back. Of course, the phone update is available via other means, but I am going to try and remain patient for the official update from the Nokia updater software.

How about those mavs? They easily beat the worst NBA team on Sunday, but they have the three toughest teams ahead. I have no idea if they will win; if they do I am sure they can head to the Finals with ease.


Australian F1 was a blast. Only 7 cars finished? The lowest ever I believe. Amazing race to start the 2008 season. BMW placed a strong second, and it was Heidfeld's second, second place!