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Monday, August 29 2011, 01:13 pm

We Take Our Existance in Vain

You know what really grinds my gears? When you pull out of a drive-thru window at a restaurant and you get behind some old guy going 5 below the speed limit. --Old Chinese Proverb

  • Gladiators (Animal fighting)

Killing humans (and animals) in the name of sport.

  • Saloons (Clubs)

Killing brain cells in the name of finding a mate.

  • Reality TV

Killing common sense in the name of money.

  • Social Networking

Killing privacy in the name of information.

  • Government Privilege

Killing freedom in the name of power.

What do the bullet points have in common? A chronic disease found inside all living creatures that keeps us from being perfect: vanity. Heck, we even have a magazine that exclusively tailors to it!

Stop me if I'm being too obvious, but if we don't change now we are destined to have the film Idiocracy become a documentary.

Wednesday, January 6 2010, 04:32 am

Belated Christmas Gift Ho-down

Now I can barrage the Internet with my own crappy drawings.

Powered by Wacom, the Gimp, and of course, a penguin. For less than a hundred dollars, you too can have a very thin time waster.