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Wednesday, January 6 2010, 04:32 am

Belated Christmas Gift Ho-down

Now I can barrage the Internet with my own crappy drawings.

Powered by Wacom, the Gimp, and of course, a penguin. For less than a hundred dollars, you too can have a very thin time waster.

Wednesday, June 3 2009, 04:00 am

I Cannot Tell a Lie

Stating the obvious is what I do best. You see, on the Internet you cannot tell a lie. If it isn't the slack-jawed yokel who is one out of a million and knows the truth or that die hard fact checker who has sixteen Google extensions for Firefox you will be found out. Please think of the children before you make a comment on a web site. From common knowledge to the tiniest detail in quantum physics, someone is on the Internet that knows exactly what you are talking about. The Internet itself may try to lie and you might come to the conclusion that the Internet is just one big lie, but you would be wrong on both counts. Fact checkers lurk around every corner and are waiting to strike. Will your comment be next?

Friday, February 20 2009, 04:24 am

Small Worlds Collide

Surprises come electronically these days. I received one a few days ago when out of the blue a childhood friend of mine e-mailed me. Vincent was my first best friend growing up, but since I moved away just after elementary school we had no realization of the situation. Remember this was before the Internet. I was just getting on AOL (ugh) and surfin' the keywords. Cell phones were still carried in bags. Anywho, it was cool to get in touch and catch up.

If any more of my childhood friends or enemies find me, be sure to write!

Wednesday, September 3 2008, 05:57 am

Google Does Evil

Yeah! Yet another browser. If you haven't heard, and have been fortunate not to, Google has released a new browser called Chrome. I'm going to keep this post short and sweet: Google is saying that this browser is not to compete but to help. My belief is that it will have indirectly hurt Firefox by pulling away possible developers to Chrome unnecessarily. We don't need to reinvent the wheel, again.