Friday, August 24 2012, 09:10 pm

Third Times the Charm

I am putting in the call now. The Texas Rangers must win the World Series this year. The team has finally clicked and is firing on all cylinders. For most of the season they have flirted with the best record in the AL or MLB. They post high or first in the power rankings. No one else in the AL seems to be much of a threat unless Tamba Bay the Athletics keeps up their offense. I don't know what to make of the Reds or Nats in the NL until we face them in the WS, but I don't believe they are as good as us.

Why the urgency? I have a feeling after this year that the players entering free agency will part ways. Yes, the dugout is friendly and everyone are good friends but my instinct tells me Hamilton will depart for a larger contract. Other names may leave as well. This year is the year this team needs to win it all.