Monday, February 16 2015, 05:00 pm

Passion in Business

Suppose we live in a perfect world where everyone is content and their every need is satisfied. It doesn't exist. Our planet runs on consumerism. "Business as usual." What's keeping us going? That threat of no job? No money to buy cigerettes and beer?

Workers clock in for their 8 to 5 shift at the same time and clock out like no tomorrow will be different. They follow meetings and schedules and policies as if they have been set in stone since the dawn of time. Without question and without opinion.

Countless pieces of rhetoric have touched on this subject so it may seem redundant or frivolous, but I digress because if it was no longer an important issue we would no longer be talking about it. (See: Fight Club, The Matrix, THX 1158)

I propose a new purpose in the workplace. When you're given a task try to think about all of the possibilities that could be drawn from it. Positive and negative conclusions can drive the project into a direction that makes sense. More nay-sayers and less yes-men.

Find a more efficient way to use your time? Speak up!